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The decade starting with 2020 is considered as high risk and challenging one for cybersecurity all over the world. every day hackers enhance their tools and skills to create better black tools in order to perform a more effective attack to companies around the globe, Those companies have the task to secure their data and infrastructure to guarantee the productivity.

How can your company and houses get prepare for 2020?. Even as cybersecurity solutions offer a way forward to ensure privacy protections are workable and effective, the final user has a key player to keep data and infrastructure protected. That's why we enhance by the user's hands, the security enforcing it with courses.

Enterprise catalog of services

100+ companies use SaaS to growth their business.

Join us and make your company a better place to work and increase your company's income and customer satisfaction.

Cogency ERP for Small and Medium business.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) - SaaS

Our Enterprise Resoluton Planning toolkit provided as Software As A Service, will guide you to automize your operations, enhancing productivity and customer esperience.

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Cybersecurity - Security for all companies

Are your company ready for this new decade?... Sorry, the real question is, ARE YOU SURE?

With our solution to secure the data, you don't have to worry about it.

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IT Counsel- Advasoring for users and companies

Let the customer services for you internal employees on ours hands.

We can provide your company with a fully-certified IT Help Desk to handle all your technology issues

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Infrastructure for IT

New project or just moving your datacenter to another location? Eather way we can help you out with it.

We run since the cabling to the routing, switching and server phisical and logical instalations.

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Surveillance Systems

Nowdays the security is not about us or if we would like to, is a today's days reality.

Protect your premises and your most vaulable assest with our surveillance Systems bluid-in Face-Recognition, Motion-Detention, Voice Recorder, Easy-to-access and much more.

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VoIP Comunication

Change your CFO's face when seing your yearly company comunication's expenses.

With our PBX solutions, interconnect your worldwide facilities at $0 cost, literally, reduce your international rates on calls and integrate your comunication with your entire IT infrastructure.

Home Services

Your home is the most important company in life.

Let us take care of your favorite and most important place, convert your home into a secure and smart one.

Smart Home

Bring your home into the digital world, automize your full house integrating all gadgets for centralized management.

Surveillance Systems

Protect your properties and loved ones with our Smart Surveillance systems build-in face recognition and motion detection.

Technical Support

Problems at home with technology?, Call or chat with one of our customer care representative and ge it solved.